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IT Specialists

Briefing schedule

Coming Soon


Take participation in a briefing session which will be organized via online (online room access link will be sent after registration).


If you are interested in internship program, send us your CV packed with your skills & abilities form, and signed Service Agreement (You will receive a link to download templates at briefing session).


Now the introduction phase is over, your next step is to prove yourself. After receiving all necessary documents we will provide you the online test schedule. You will have opportunity to show your abilities in IT! Test your knowledge, but do not try to fake it!


Students who will pass the online test will be invited to take the individual online interview. You will take 2 interviews:

1st interview with Marimo

2nd interview with personnel manager from Japanese Company

Interview result will be announced in a few days.


Well done! Before starting the internship in Japan, students who passed both interviews will take a free Japanese course (at least 6 months).


Successful interns will get a job in Japan!!